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Specializing in Racing Photo's from the Hey Day of Motorsports

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Dale Keller Circa 1960





Dale Keller has over 40 years experience as a professional photographer. He has captured on film celebrities, political figures, weddings and even bowling teams. Dales first love though has always been motor sports. Dale has taken pictures at  premier racing venues as well as out of the way race tracks. Dale even served for many years as the staff photographer for the Indianapolis Speedrome.

Dale, seventy years young, still enjoys taking pictures of the major and minor life events. In the summer you will find him traveling the country camera in hand. His home though is still in Indiana where you will find him running the "The Official State Fair Photo Booth" at the Indiana State Fair.







  It's the Hey Day of American Motor Sports. The champions of the future are learning their craft on the short tracks and dirt banks of American towns. Names like Andretti, Unser, Bob Laughlin, Forrest Halliburton are the young and ambitious drivers thrilling the crowds and Dale Keller was there. Camera in hand he caught moments of Triumph and Tragedy, the camaraderie and even the clowning.

         He is now offering for the First time Rare never before published photo's of these American Racing Legends.




All Pictures are copyright Dale Keller Photo. All Rights Reserved